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Acid Vs. Alkaline: An Important Factor!!
Health is Optimal When Your System is Alkaline Need To Balance Acids In Your System

An Acid-Base Diet Our bodies' metabolism produces acids and bases depending on what we eat. Both are important for our well-being and our appearance. However, excess acids must be avoided. And for this reason, 80 percent of our diet should include base and neutral foods. Among these base-heavy or neutral foods are:

The amount of acidic or acidized food in your diet should not exceed 20 percent. Examples of Acid-producing food include:

These foods produce excess acids in our bodies. Overdoses of coffee and alcohol also cause valuable nutrients and minerals to wash away from the body – the first step toward flabby skin. In contrast, two to three liters of low sodium water and herbal teas wash away acidic metabolic products and will return your body to a healthy acid-alkaline balance.

*Drinking something Green each Day will help with Alkaline Balance: Liquid Chlorophyll, Barley Greens, Wheat Grass or Spirulina.


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