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What Direction Are Your Tires Pointing?

Question: When a car is moving forward, what directions are its wheels facing? Answer: Forward.
If the wheels were pointing either inward or outward, the car wouldn't move very far, and the axial would get pretty messed up too. The same is true of the body. If you want to move forward in life, what direction should your feet point? Answer: Forward!

Our feet are very important. They hold up the vertical structure of our body and they carry us through life. Without them we would not be able to stand our ground...and with them we have so much possibility. Question: how effectively are you utilizing the power of your feet?

If the momentum of your body is moving forward, and your feet are not pointed in that direction too, your BodyMind system receives conflicting messages about what direction you want to move in. This dissonance can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and the inability to get your needs met in a healthy fashion. And like the car mentioned above, if your feet are rotated in or out as you move forward, you'll mess up your axial, which in this case, are your hips.

Let's do an exercise. Stand up…yes, stand up, this will only take a minute.
Stand facing forward. No peaking or reading forward.
Simply stand facing forward like you would if you were standing in line at the grocery store.
Now freeze your body…no moving. Hold this position,....and read on.

Look down…what direction are your feet pointing?
Are both of your feet pointing forward (2 nd toe pointing straight ahead)?
Or are one or both of your feet rotated in or out?
If they are pointed forward, good; stay with it. Continue to keep them pointing forward, not only when you are standing, but when you are walking as well.

If you feet are rotated, either slightly or a lot, this is not about judgment. This is simply an indication that you are not utilizing your body as efficiently as you could. Since your posture is out of line, yes, your feet are part of your posture, your body has to compensate for the improper usage of your physical form. If your feet are not aligned appropriately in the direction you are moving, your body has to use extra muscles and energy to support and carry you. This can lead to BodyMind belief patterns that life is hard and has to be struggled through.
Personal Assignment: As often as you can, be aware of the direction your feet are pointing in.
When you are standing in line, taking out the trash, washing the dishes or hiking;
simply bring awareness to your feet, and adjust them as often as you can to point forward.
It may feel weird for a while, but stick with it and see what shows up for you.

Each subtle adjustment you make to create proper body alignment has healing effects on your whole being.
By pointing your tires forward as you move through life, you will operate your vehicle more efficiently, take strain off your hips and have a better change of getting to where you want to go!

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