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Sleep, Sleep & More Sleep

According to Psychology Today Magazine, sleep has been on the skids since the Industrial Revolution

Seduced by 24-hour casinos, Seinfeld reruns and the Internet, Americans have plenty of diversions to keep them wired and alert. Did we mention L.L. Bean, the store that never closes? There's always good old worry, the anguish of relationships gone wrong and right up there with the best of the sleep-wreckers, the dour discomfort of gastroesophageal reflux.

The biggest sleep robber of all, however, is work. To some degree, we can sacrifice sleep to oblige other demands on our time, but we pay a high price for the privilege. The need for sleep, anchored in part to the most ancient rhythms of the planet, is etched deeply in our brains. When we interrupt the natural rhythm of day and night for any reason -even reveling we risk setting off a cascade of problems.

What we do at night affects everything we do during the day- our ability to learn, our skills, our memory, stamina, health and safety. Most of all, it affects our mood: Chronic sleep disruption appears to be the single biggest trigger for depression.
So the message we are hearing clearly is do not sacrifice your health by eliminating sleep.


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