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Yoga for Depression

Yoga works on the mind as well as the body. Yoga demands more attention to breath and body sensations. Yoga keeps you absorbed in the present moment. All these things according to Amy Weintraub, author of Yoga for Depression, are the key ingredients for eliminating depression.

"Just as daily yoga practice strengthens the immune system against common colds and other viruses, it also strengthens and soothes the emotional body," Weintraub says. She also points out that yoga helps in bringing highs, lows and emotional extremes into balance.

It is recommended that, if you have never had a yoga class, you start out with a basic program. Work at your own level of flexibility and do not rush through the simple postures and yoga positions. If there is a move or a position that hurts or feels uncomfortable, then you may want to try a modified version of that move or opt not to do it.

The breathing exercises, the meditations, and the relaxation techniques are an important part of the yoga experience. Work with these skills until you are comfortable. Yoga means "Science of Life" and as Weintraub's book suggests it can be a very powerful tool for a problem such as depression.

Reference: Amy Weintraub, Yoga for Depression, Broadway Books. For more information, resources and newsletter, visit

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