Corrective Healing Therapy


Corrective Healing Therapy is the art of bringing body & soul together.  It is a therapy that enables the individual to enter a state of relaxation so that in turn the subconscious may be able to make contact with the conscious in order to release any trapped negative feelings. 

Corrective Healing Therapy attempts to rectify the injustices of the past by raising them to a level of consciousness to enable the individual to identify and work with them, and in so doing free oneself from their power to enable growth and development to occur.

Corrective Healing Therapy is an investment in self-care.  It is an investment in personal self-development and personalLotus flower own well being. It is a positive step towards positive fulfilment.  If one is serious about looking after themself, serious about rectifying the injustices of the past in as far as they are a felt experience of the body, then Corrective Healing Therapy is a therapy that may considered at this point in time. 

Corrective Healing Therapy can not correct any injustices of the past.  Corrective Healing Therapy uses a series of modalities whereby the individual may come to terms with what the body experiences.  Corrective Healing Therapy is a body centered therapy.  I am who I am because of my history. I am what I will become because of what I want to become.

Corrective Healing Therapy uses a series of modalities or techniques that assist the individual to address the imbalances caused by the various stresses of daily living.  It is a gentle non-intrusive body therapy that honours the dignity and rights of the individual to privacy and self respect.

“Excessive stress occurs
when the demands made on the organism
exceed that organism’s reasonable capacities to fulfil them.”
-- Gabor Mate --

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