Corrective Healing Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive
Health Care System based on
an understanding of energy in the healing arts.

Energy - the Foundation of Health

Randolph Stone

Dr Randolph Stone

Polarity Therapy is a natural health care system, developed by Dr Randolph Stone (1890-1981), that works with the Human Energy Field.

Energy in NatureEnergy fields and currents exist everywhere in nature.

Polarity Therapy asserts that the flow and balance of energy in the human body is the foundation of good health.

Energy balancing is a central concept in many ancient and traditional health care systems, such as Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine from India. Modern scientific research has provided new understandings of the powerful effects and healthy benefits made possible by Polarity Therapy.

What is Polarity Therapy? The Practice of Polarity is a system of energetic touch, reflex and acupuncture points that balance energy flow in the body. Polarity, an integrative approach to healing and wellness, involves energetic bodywork, energetic exercise and polarity yoga stretches, and energetic food awareness. These techniques reduce stress, increase vital energy and promote healing through self-awareness. Polarity, having its structure in the traditional system of Ayurvedic medicine, defines patterns of health based upon the concept of energy movement. The practice of polarity will focus on the flow and balance of energy as the foundation of good health. Polarity Therapy programs may incorporate bodywork, diet, exercise (polarity yoga) and self awareness practices. 

Energy Balancing Sessions: During the polarity therapy energy balancing sessions the client simply lies on a treatment table fully clothed whilst the practitioner works

Polarity Therapy Techniques

A natural, effective way to uplift body, mind and spirit, Polarity Therapy utilizes four therapeutic techniques:

  • Bodywork: The practitioner’s hands assist the flow of healing energy. The client rests on a standard treatment table, and the practitioner palpates contact points and patterns in the client’s ‘energy anatomy’.
  • Diet: Promoting cleansing and longevity with fresh wholesome foods adapted to individual needs.
  • Exercise: Polarity Yoga is a series of simple self-help energy techniques that create relaxation and balance.
  • Self-Awareness: Practitioners encourage clients to understand themselves and to view the world from a positive perspective.
with you. The client usually experiences feelings of well-being.

A variety of techniques are used such as body contact points, gentle rocking, reflexology, cranial sacral therapy and sound therapy. So as your energy fields flow again, without obstruction, you feel whole again.

Experience a Polarity Therapy Session

In a typical Polarity Therapy session, the client and the practitioner work together to address physical, mental and emotional energy blocks in a safe, supportive environment.Polarity sessiion

In Polarity Therapy bodywork, a variety of contacts are used to stimulate and balance the body’s electromagnetic fields. The practitioner may also help the client process feelings and develop specific strategies for reducing stress and increasing wellness. Through this partnership, the client becomes increasingly empowered in his or her own healing process.

The need for bodywork is unique to each person and varies depending upon issues that present themselves.

What else should I know?

It is suggested starting with one healing session. You will see how safe and easy it is, to feel relaxed and more alive. Then book sessions according to your personal needs.

More profound levels of healing do occur over a period of time and with a variety of energy balancing sessions.

All work is done fully clothed on a treatment table in a relaxed and peaceful environment.

These are self-directed therapies, where the client is assisted to take responsibility for their healing journey  and to develop a connection with their own inner guidance.

As part of this journey a few clients may experience a heightening of symptoms for up to a day or two after an energy balancing session. This is a sign of deeper healing and integration taking place within the body, emotions and spirit and it will pass quickly.

These healing therapies can be used alone or integrated with other energy balancing and/or forms of therapy.


"Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and form."
Dr Randolph Stone, DC, DO


Somatic Emotional Clearing

When the energy fields of the body are balanced, they are more receptive to the healing potency of the Soul. This unique healing process from Heartwood Institute, California clears the past, quiets the mind and heals the heart. These sessions are not traditional counselling. They are a very gentle and very safe blend of polarity therapy energy balancing, counselling techniques and intuitive guidance. The client is not re-traumatised and always controls the therapy and can stop at any stage.

Heartwood InstituteThis conscious approach to body therapy facilitates a cleansing of the body's cellular memory of trauma, and promotes mental and emotional clarity and wellbeing.

Heal your life, release trauma from the nervous system, facilitate emotional clearing, and promote personal growth. This technique facilitates a sacred space for releasing the past, quieting the mind and healing the heart.

The therapist uses a combination of our energy balancing techniques in conjunction with other techniques such as:

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In Holding Sacred Space the practitioner cultivates compassion, presence and safety in vulnerability to support a sacred space in which the client, as a conscious, evolving spiritual being, has permission to heal. The emphasis is on compassion, presence and vulnerability, as attitudes that support a safe space. It approaches healing as a creative process that is guided by higher intelligence to clear the past, quiet the mind and heal the heart. The practitioner approaches healing as a creative process that is guided by higher intelligence.

MistThis technique offers a unique synthesis of ancient transpersonal psychology and cutting edge somatic techniques.Cutting edge research reveals that body centered therapies have a profound capacity to release stress, dissolve emotional armouring and heal trauma. Western psychology focuses on the mind and emotions. Transpersonal psychology focuses on the Self, the intelligence that witnesses the stream of thoughts and feelings. While mind and emotions are a kaleidoscope of obsession and instability, the Self is a constant of stable Presence. In this training, healing takes place as we balance energy to attune our life with the Self.

Our original nature is Freedom. Perceived threats to our security lead to obsession and a myriad of confused and contradictory mental and emotional impulses through the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) into the musculature creating emotional armouring. This is an effective energy balancing protocol that releases stress and trauma from the sympathetic nervous system and the cellular memory of the body.

Polarity Therapists work with individuals who are willing and able to take responsibility for their physical and emotional health, and who are seeking resources for healing and personal growth.

Polarity Therapists work with health not disease!